Gutter OverflowRain gutters are a narrow channel that collect and divert rainwater off the roof and away from the building. They protect the roof from potential damage caused by collecting water. Gutters also help reduce erosion and leaks. For those going green, they are also a useful tool for collecting rainwater for later use.

Various materials can be used to construct quality gutters such as zinc, lead, cast iron, copper, steel, PVC, concrete, seamless aluminum, or wood. Only an experienced roofing contractor can properly determine the needs of a building and suggest the right gutter. Roofs Are Us is one of those roofing contractors. We provide gutter installations, gutter cleaning services, and can take care of any general gutter problems.

It is also important that, once the correct gutters are in place, proper gutter protection is maintained. Clogged gutters can cause leaks or build up stagnant water and attract pesky bugs. We can install effective gutter guards to let the water flow in properly while keeping the debris out at the same time.  Our gutter protection devices include strainers, snap-in metal and plastic gutter guards, filtered gutter guards, stainless steel gutter guards, hinged gutter guards, plastic and metal total gutter covers, and more!

Regardless of the gutter guard protection used, all gutter systems should be examined for cleaning and repair twice every year. For all of your gutter needs, call Roofs Are Us at 410-288-2800.